Disclaimer and a *Futon

If you have ever blogged before, you know the pressure of writing that first post and then clicking the "publish" button to make it go live for the ENTIRE world to see. It's the feeling of thinking it has to be perfect and engaging or no one will ever come back to visit your website. Oh the pressure and fear of one measly blog post. Forget that crap!

So, apologizes up front...I am not a perfector of the English language (see what I did there), or the most engaging of bloggers. This website, or more precisely...my business, is about making films. Particularly wedding films at the moment. This is my authentic, and original journey in starting my own business (a dream I'm sure most of you have had before), and making films (probably another dream most of you have had). I plan to share as much as I can about it.

As much as I would like to say that I could care less if anyone ever reads what I write, I would be a liar. In fact, I care deeply if people read what I write, and/or have any interest in the topics of what I write about. The great thing about publishing a blog post is also that other button labeled "delete"...

*a futon has nothing to do with this blog post. I just didn't want the only word in the title to be "disclaimer" so I thought "futon" would go well with it.