Timelapse of a Vancouver Sunrise

Back in August of 2013, the Orange Beard Films crew took a trip to Vancouver. This was my first time in Canada, and I must say it was beautiful. I had just recently purchased a GoPro Hero 3 for the business and I had only used it a few times before this trip. I didn't want to bring my DSLR for a few reasons, and I wanted to limit myself to only using the GoPro. Needless to say, it's a fun camera to have. I highly recommend it for outside use only (except at night). Unless you have a great amount of light, it's useless inside. The sensor just can't handle it. 

I've always wanted to do some sort of time-lapse, so the last day of our seven day trip, I woke up early, found a beautiful spot by the bay where the sun would be rising, and setup the little camera. Too bad this clip is only five seconds long (took a photo every 30 seconds until battery died), but I'm happy with the results. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to visit Vancouver again.

//GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition