Resolved Student Choir

Oct 2015

Whitesburg Baptist Church High School choir. 

Aiden - Rooms of Refuge

Dec 06, 2014

In association with Refuge Church and Hospice Family Care of Huntsville Hospital, presents Rooms of Refuge. 

Middle School Camp 2014

July 25, 2014

Whitesburg Baptist Church Middle School Camp 2014 at the Ocoee Retreat Center


Pastor Maina

Whitesburg Baptist Church at Pulaski Pike

Zach Carter


August 27, 2013

Our mobile app development team (TACAPPS), took a trip to Vancouver for a Unity 3D developers conference. These are some of the highlights from the trip. Shot mostly on a GoPro Hero3, and occasionally on an iPhone 5.

My family on Christmas day!


Music by Ben Rector - Jingle Bells

Solomon's First Day of Kindergarten

If you've never met my youngest son Solomon, then you would not have known he wasn't supposed to make it past birth. He had a 27% chance of survival when he was born because he developed an encephalocele in the womb. So you won't have to Google it, basically it means that his skull didn't develop and close off in time around his brain, thus leaving his brain exposed outside of his skull in a sac. When Solomon was just three days old, he had "brain surgery" and the doctors were able to put the functioning brain tissue back into his little head and cut away the non-functioning tissue. He made it fine through all of the hardships of the surgery, and was able to go home just 9 days later...which originally we were told it would be 6-8 months. 

If you have ever watched a scientific analysis of what happens during birth...all of the millions of things that have to happen at precision timing, then you must agree that every child is a miracle. We believe that miracle comes from God, and we are forever thankful that He gave us Solomon. Obviously, we think Solomon's birth is a miracle...just a miracle times a billion. 

While Solomon wasn't supposed to ever be able to walk, talk, have fun, or anything else, you can clearly see God had a different plan for him. His three favorite things in this whole world are elevators, bath-time, and listening to the Laurie Berkner Band. So if you can ever combine all three into one experience, then you will be his hero forever.

Song by Little & Ashley - Fly Me Away